Table to measure our stress level with children

Table to measure our stress level with children

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Stress is one of the great enemies of human communication. When it appears, it blocks the good flow of our thoughts and this affects our quality of life, affecting the people around us. Their consequences they can become very important if they are children and, more specifically, if these children are your children.

Notice how you relate to your child when you are tired and how you relate to when you are calm. It is very likely that he is more predisposed to speak with you if you are relaxed than if you are not.

Stress affects communication with children, that's why I leave you a table to measure our stress level.

The learning it is much more satisfying if it is received in a positive way, also when we talk about learning the mother tongue.

So that you can see to what extent your well-being is important so that your child learns to speak and relate to others, here is a table with some differences that you can find if you have a conversation while in a stressful or calm situation.

As you can see, the same situationwe face in different ways depending on how we feel. The big difference is that when we act calmly, we better reason the events that have occurred and we give our children options to give their opinion or respond to it. Pay attention because it can help you improve your day to day with your family.

This relaxed attitude is more positive for everyone and facilitates the collaboration of our children when it comes to contributing opinions and giving new solutions or ideas to the events that have occurred.

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