7 benefits of rap for children that you did not know

7 benefits of rap for children that you did not know

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Did you know that rap was used by British singer Ed Sheeran to overcome his stuttering in his childhood? But in addition, rap has many other benefits for children. Can you imagine which ones?

We offer you up to 7 benefits of rap for children. Most probably you did not know them.

Rap is a style of music closely linked to hip hop. It is a genre that was born in the United States in the late 60s (it was used by African-American communities). The 'rapping' is based in the use of rhymed phrases or sentences in verse form within a song. It is usually fast and is intoned faithful to a very characteristic rhythm.

What you may not know is that rap has numerous benefits for children and that many teachers use it as educational tools in schools. These are the 7 most important benefits of rap:

1. Improve diction: Even if your child does not stutter, it is a very effective method to improve diction and pronunciation. Create a lot of verbal agility. Also, children have a lot of fun 'rapping'.

2. Mental agility: Having to put words together very quickly, that rhyme and also understand each other, is a good stimulus for the brain. You have to find the perfect word in no time ... you need to think ... fast!

3. Abstract verbal comprehension: Rap doesn't just join words. He uses them as a key to express certain thoughts. He plays with metaphors and requires abstract reasoning. Therefore, it helps children to improve their abstract thinking and, of course, their understanding when using words.

4. Improve vocabulary: To rap, you must have a rich vocabulary, which helps you find the exact words and place them in the right place.

5. Improve expressiveness: You can't understand rap without body language. Remember that it is a style of music closely linked to hip hop. The dance of this musical style is pure expressiveness of the body. The whole body moves to the beat of the rap.

6. Helps to express emotions: After all, music is a channel for emotional expression. Any song is a state of mind. Also rap.

7. Strengthens memory: It's not easy at all to memorize a rap chorus. It is fast and connects many words. As difficult as repeating a tongue twister quickly. Without a doubt, a good exercise for memory.

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