The fox and the partridge. Popular Chilean fable for children

The stories and fables are narratives of facts, mostly invented, that stimulate the imagination of the little ones, while they also serve to reflect on some essential behaviors or values.

In this case, we offer you this beautiful Chilean folk tale, specifically about a town located in the south of the country, the Mapuche people. The story is 'The Fox and the Partridge'. In this case, the lesson the fox receives On behalf of the partridge, it will help your child reflect on the value of gratitude.

The oldest of the Mapuche people tell an incredible story ... Once upon a time there was a fox, very cute, but with a very large mouth and a horrible voice. Since the fox sang very badly, he couldn't find a girlfriend. And of course, he did not want to spend the rest of his life alone, so he was desperate for a solution. How could I sing better?

The fox tried everything. He practiced, he observed the goldfinches to try to copy them, he took a lot of egg yolks to clarify his voice ... but there was no way. And already, desperate, decided to ask for help. But ... who could get him to sing well? The uptight nightingale? The impetuous rooster? After much thought, he found the solution: the partridge!

All the inhabitants of that place they knew that the partridge was tremendously generous and kind. And besides, he sang very well. So without thinking twice. He went to the house of the spotted partridge. When she saw him appear, she was frightened, but immediately felt sorry for him.

- Partridge friend, you have to help me ... I'm desperate!

- But, what can i do?

- I need to sing well. If I don't succeed, I won't find a girlfriend.

- Ummm ... - thought the partridge- Well, what I see is that your mouth is too big. To sing well, you need a smaller mouth. Have you ever noticed that the animals that sing the best have small mouths?

- It's true - agreed the fox- But what can I do?

- Easy, I have the solution. But before... what will you give me in exchange? Because of course, it is a job that needs reward ...

- Don't worry, partridge, if you can make it sing well, I will give you everything you ask for: beautiful dresses, jewelry, shoes ...

- Oh, that's fine with me. I like all that. Wait here I'll be right back.

The partridge returned with needle and thread. and the fox got scared:

- But Partridge, what are you going to do?

- Fear not, it will hardly hurt. We need to make the mouth a little smaller ...

And saying this, the partridge began to sew the fox's mouth on both sides. The fox was hurt, of course, but as soon as Partridge finished sewing, he suddenly realized that when he sang, his voice was much prettier. He could finally find a girlfriend!

- Thanks, Partridge! I'm going to find a girlfriend right away! said the fox.

- Wait, Zorro! What about my reward?

- Reward? How materialistic you are, Partridge! You should be happy for me ... and be careful, what I'm still a fox, and even with the smallest mouth, I can eat you.

The partridge, seized with terror, flew off. And the fox, happy, went home. And since he was tired, he went to sleep.

The partridge was passing by and seeing the Fox sleeping, she came up with a way to get back at him. She crept up to his ear and yelled as loud as she could. The scared fox jumped up and opened his mouth wide to scream. As he did so, all the stitches came loose and the mouth cracked even further, becoming larger than before.

The partridge left there satisfied: the fox now had his lesson. The scar that would remain would make him appear to have a much larger mouth and he could never sing well.

We suggest you reflect with your child on this story that tells us about an essential value: that of gratitude. Will your child have understood the message of this story? Find out with these questions:

- Why couldn't the fox find a girlfriend?

- Who did the fox ask for help?

- What did the Partridge propose to make him sing better?

- What did the Partridge ask you in exchange for helping him?

- What did the fox do after the Partridge helped him?

- What did the Partridge do to teach the fox a lesson?

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