Easy and nutritious recipes with quinoa

Easy and nutritious recipes with quinoa

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Quinoa is a pseudocereal that is gaining more and more followers thanks to its delicious flavor and the nutrients it provides. It is a very healthy food, so much so that it is considered a superfood. Quinoa provides carbohydrates and proteins. It is also very rich in fiber and iron and there are different varieties: white, red or black. We have selected a series of nutritious and easy-to-make recipes whose star ingredient is quinoa. A great way to try new dishes and acquire good eating habits.

Here you have a selection of recipes made with quinoa, an ingredient increasingly used in the kitchen

Quinoa with Vegetables. On our site we teach you how to prepare a delicious quinoa dish with vegetables, ideal to give the necessary contributions in the children's diet.

Quinoa goulash. This goulash is ideal for the diet of children with gluten intolerance. It is made of pure vegetables and also without fat. It's delicious and tastes great for kids.

Quinoa pancakes. Quinoa and banana pancakes. Dessert recipes for children. We suggest you cook delicious pancakes with the children. It is an ideal dessert for both vegans and people who cannot eat eggs.

Quinoa cookies. Quinoa cookies with chocolate for children. The combination of quinoa and chocolate is delicious and very tasty for children.

Quinoa balls in sauce. Quinoa is a very typical companion in Latin America, but this recipe is originally from Slovakia. In the typical Slovak dishes one can also find a piece of meat along with the sauce and the balls

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