When the child has to eat alone at home

When the child has to eat alone at home

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As our children get older they also begin to have more responsibilities, and sometimes, since it is increasingly common for both parents to work outside the home, one of them is usually preparing meals and eating alone at home when back to school. How can we help or train our children in these situations? How to help the child who has to eat alone at home?

- Obviously one of the first alternatives we have is leave a container of prepared food in the fridge for our son to heat in the microwave. Legumes are very helpful in these cases, which in addition to being a very complete dish in itself, since their protein is of high biological value if combined with cereals, almost everything can be added: vegetables, meat ... making it even more complete .

- We can encourage our son to prepare his own food, giving you instructions and leaving everything you need at hand. Let him practice over the weekend preparing a pasta or rice, preferably brown, for everyone, so he will feel prepared and will not hesitate to prepare something simple when he gets home from school. Starting with breakfast, many times the vote of confidence by letting them prepare it themselves is precisely what they need.

- Avoid having products at home that you consider inappropriate, such as pastries, salty snacks etc, which can be very appetizing when your child is home alone, and on the contrary, leave something within reach that allows him to prepare a snack in less than 2 minutes. Hummus with carrot sticks, nuts, plain yogurt or an ounce of good dark chocolate are the perfect alternative for a quick snack.

- Adolescents have a "healthy" tendency to experiment which, in this case, can play in our favor. You can put at his fingertips foods that on other occasions would not even come close to his mouth and pleasantly surprising when you see that he does not reject them but quite the opposite. Give it a vote of confidence, you can always go back to the lentil tupper if it doesn't work!

- Do not discard the traditional sandwich. Sometimes, after a hard day of intellectual work, a good sandwich of Serrano ham with olive oil and a few slices of tomato may be precisely what your child needs.

Remember that, like adults, your child will also get tired of always eating the same thing, and trust that, after a few days, pasta and rice will cease to interest him and will open his mind to other alternatives. By leaving varied options and healthy foods within their reach, you will be making it easier for them to choose and showing them the way to go.

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