Children jealous of stepbrothers

Children jealous of stepbrothers

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Today it is a very normal event in our country that we see separations and divorces between couples. These types of romantic breakups are painful, and if there are children involved, the situation can get even more complicated and be more discouraging.

After some time since separation or divorce, many adults rebuild their lives with a new partner and form a new family. When this happens with two parents who also have children, joining these 2 families to form a new one will be more complicated, but having patience, showing affection and dialogue with the little ones will make the situation normalize more easily to avoid situations such as, for example, children with jealousy of stepbrothers.

There is a great diversity of family models: authoritarian, delegating, permissive, overprotective, democratic, etc. Regardless of the model they professed, when two adults decide to live as a couple together with each other's children, this means breaking with the previous models.

That is to say, the habits, routines, customs and norms that were a safety for the little ones are upset with the separation or divorce and are restructured causing new situations to appear to which they adapt such as, for example, change of house, change school, and adapt to new people in the family nucleus. They are difficult changes to handle for adults and more, if possible, for children who are more sensitive to any alteration in their daily life.

The little ones do not understand the situation well. They need time to assimilate the changes and during this process the child may experience:

- Poor school performance.

- Uncontrollable feelings such as envy, jealousy and anger appear.

- Extreme pasotism and disappointment with everything he does.

- Low self-esteem.

- It is more aggressive, or on the contrary, it is completely isolated.

- Live in a continuous fight with brothers and stepbrothers.

The children of both components of the couple will not only have to face a new father or mother, but also stepbrothers. It is important to keep in mind that children will be the most fragile part of this situation. Thus, the parents must establish strategies so that the new situation is assimilated in the best possible way by the children.

The best of these strategies is based on flexibility and empathy. Therefore, and to prevent rivalry and jealousy between them from worsening, it is important to:

- Respect their feelings and opinions. Children should not be imposed or forced to love or become siblings. It would be better for them to relate little by little and to take their time to assimilate the changes.

- Share spaces. It will be positive that you progressively share certain moments together.

- Give freedom and time to assimilate the changes. If they are experiencing jealousy or anger let them show it instead of forcing them to try to deny it.

- Listen and attend to their thoughts, emotions and needs. It is normal for children to express complaints such as being treated worse than the other child. When living with the new one, children tend to complain like this when they disagree.

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