How children can learn to play as a team

How children can learn to play as a team

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Families are getting smaller and smaller. The most common rule, that of only son, makes children spend a lot of time playing alone and without contact with other children. However, it is much healthier for their emotional development that they share games and activities with other children their age.

Learn to play in team It is essential to develop a series of values ​​such as generosity and tolerance. In addition, playing with other children as a team encourages their ability to share and also their sociability. The question is, how can children learn to play as a team?

As is always the case with children's learning, teaching children to play as a team must begin at home.

1. Their own toys will help you share unforgettable family moments with those Building games that are conducive to challenges and team trials.

2. The puzzles They are one of the best games where children can learn what is the collaboration of a team, support and see the great result of working as a team with a common goal.

3. The difficulty in teaching children to play as a team at home is that there may not be more children around them. And the truth is that the ideal would be for all participants to have similar capacities in order for them to learn to solve the challenges of the game by themselves.

4. If in your case you have only one child, do not hesitate to invite to have a snack some of your neighbors' children. It does not have to be a day of celebration for the little ones to spend time with children their age.

As the child grows a bit, around the age of three, he is already fully integrated into society with other children.

1. It is important that by that time you have clear aspects such as the need to share, generosity and communication. Because playing as a team you learn much more than playing alone.

2. The child may have trouble adjusting to team games in the early stages.

3. Moving from a place where he is the king to another place where everyone is the king can foster the competitiveness in its most negative sense. For this reason, the first time they start to practice team sports such as football, handball, water polo or the sport that the child prefers, the sooner they will begin to understand that they are part of a group in which everyone must help each other to achieve a goal common.

4. Team games are very important for the emotional development of the child and to ensure a generous, tolerant and conscious adult. capabilities and limitations.

5. Playing as a team, the child discovers that there are things that he cannot do alone, that more interesting goals are achieved if he has the collaboration of other children. And above all, playing as a team, the child learns the value of friendship.

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