Infallible solutions to calm a baby who cries a lot

Infallible solutions to calm a baby who cries a lot

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First of all, it is important to clarify that the main form of communication for a baby is crying. He cannot speak, therefore he cannot explain to us that his belly hurts, he is hungry, he is tired or he wants more attention.

Therefore, if the baby cries it means that he is not satisfied or at ease and it is in our power to solve this situation. How? These are the surefire solutions to calm a baby who cries a lot.

1. White noise: It is a constant and monotonous noise, without ups and downs that favors the baby's relaxation. It can be the noise of the vacuum cleaner, the dryer, a fountain in the street, the rain, the waves of the sea or the murmur of a conversation. Some experts say that this noise helps to muffle other noises that are produced around and that, go to the background. What's more, it even resembles the noise that babies perceive in the womb and can therefore calm a baby.

2. Rocking the baby: The experts explain that, far from making the baby dependent and capricious, the arms are highly beneficial for him. Not only does it promote the bond between parents and their children, but it also transmits security to the baby and helps calm him since he can recognize the sensation of rocking when he was in the womb and the mother was rocking.

3. Massages: one of the annoyances that most worries the baby is the gas and colic that they suffer especially in their first months of life. To calm the baby and avoid this discomfort we can give him a tummy massage. For this, we must choose a time when he is calm and we will massage his tummy in a circular way using a little cream or oil. We can also shrink your legs and move them carefully in a circular way.

4. Go for a walk: how many moms and dads have used this solution to calm a baby who cries a lot. And it is that, going out to the street, receiving other stimuli, other sounds, shapes and colors helps you to forget what was causing you discomfort. Some parents take a car ride and others just take the stroller for a spin.

5. The Hold Method: It was created by the American pediatrician Bob Hamilton and consists of taking the baby. With one hand you have to support his head putting it under the chin also grabbing his intertwined arms. The other hand supports your body weight from the diaper area. You have to put him in a 45ยบ position and make gentle movements of his hips, in a circular way while you swing him up and down.

6. Music therapy: Put on relaxing music, preferably classical, either piano or violin and you will see the impact it has on children. Music helps babies relax and fall asleep.

7. Swaddling the baby: It is the swaddling technique, whose translation is wrapping. It is about wrapping him in a lullaby and keeping his arms and legs inside. It is convenient that you do it when the baby is clean and eaten, that you do not tighten the sheet or blanket excessively. Many moms and dads have already found that this technique helps calm the baby and sleep.

8. Change armsBabies sense if we are nervous and a crying baby can make us despair. Sometimes another person take you in their arms and try to relax you is enough to prevent you from crying.

9. Breastfeed: Tetanalgesia is even used when babies are to be vaccinated, as it helps calm and relax them. Breastfeeding your baby is an infallible solution to stop crying, not only because it satisfies you if you are hungry, but also because you perceive the warmth and smell of your mother and this gives you security.

A baby that cries a lot can despair the calmer, this leads us to make mistakes that make the situation worse:

- Yell and scold him: it will only increase your stress.

- Shake him: it can seriously injure you.

- Let him cry: Some experts alert us to this habit since it generates insecurity in the baby.

- Do not take him in arms: the arms do not ruffle the babies, they calm them and relax them.

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