Hawaiian flip flops. Balloon craft for kids

Hawaiian flip flops. Balloon craft for kids

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With the arrival of the heat the children jump headlong into the sea and the pool. That is why it is very important to wear comfortable and safe footwear such as good flip-flops, t-shirts or sandals, which can also be a fun garment thanks to this children's craft that he proposes.

Children love to buy water balloons and organize battles with their friends, but they are also a good material to make fun and very easy crafts like these flip flops, a display of color.

  • A pair of plastic flip flops
  • Two bags of colored water balloons

Tips: To make the effect more noticeable, look for basic colors such as white or black for the flip flops, so the balloons will stand out more. If they are a different color, you can select balloons of two or three colors to match. You can use the imagination and the children's favorite colors.

1. Choose the balloons you are going to use. You can use all the colors or choose the ones that you like best or combine best with the color of the flip flops. If you are only going to use one or two colors, buy more balloons, as you will need many.

2. Stretch the balloons by the end, pass it through the strap of the flip flop and knot it well so that it does not come loose.

3. Start by tying the balloons at one end, continue tying them carefully and combining the different colors.

4. Finish tying all the balloons, you can add as many as you want to make it very eye-catching. You will all be ready to go to the beach or the pool!

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