Children's Preferred Teachers

Children's Preferred Teachers

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Surely in some corner of your memory there is a special memory of a teacher who once represented an important figure in your life. On October 5 the World Teachers Day, a date established by Unesco to honor teachers.

I, in particular, want to pay tribute to all the teachers who day after day do not just limit themselves to teaching writing and adding to our children, but who manage to bring out the best that they carry inside. They are, without a doubt, the teachers preferred by children.

Of all the teachers my daughter has had at school, I think a couple of them represented something else in his life. A good teacher makes children go to school happy, he knows how to treat them with respect and be respected, he knows how to value not only the grades but the children's effort. Good teachers leave traces in us, in our affectivity, in our learning and in our posture towards studies and life.

I remember until today, and that many years have passed, from my 2nd grade teacher. Her name was Miriam. She was tall, had very long hair, and In addition to being affectionate and understanding, she always gave us very attractive classes. From his teachings comes my interest in reading and books. One of the things I will never forget is a little trunk of words that she brought on the first day of class.

Every day, at the beginning of the classroom, we took out a word from inside the trunk, with which we worked during class, in games, poetry, riddles, stories ... She was very special!

I think that children are, in many cases, the thermometer of the effectiveness and value of a teacher. A child learns more from a close teacher, who comforts, understands, listens and considers, than of a teacher who only demands, criticizes and demands. For children, the best teacher is the one who resembles their mother, the one who transmits knowledge, experiences, sets limits and at the same time transmits different emotions.

The example of the teacher, like that of parents, affects children, in their way of behaving, dressing, relating to others, expressing themselves, thinking, learning ... in everything! At the end of the day, as the motto of this day goes, 'recovery begins with teachers'. In their hands is also the difficult task of construction and in some cases of reconstruction of children.

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