When I close my eyes Latin American Poetry for Children

When I close my eyes Latin American Poetry for Children

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Some children are afraid to sleep. Closing their eyes scares them because they fear monsters, or fantastic beings. They think that they will be able to enter their room, change everything ... Or simply, they are afraid to close their eyes because closing them supposes darkness.

Take advantage of this poetry, 'When I close my eyes', to appease your fear. You will find that you need not be afraid to close your eyes, because everything will still be there when you open them. The poem, by Elsa Isabel Bornemann, is ideal for the little ones.

When I close my eyes ...

What's going on?

Are the walls still?

Won't they move?

Where does the light go which was

me looking?

Does it get into my pockets

shooting up?

Where does my whole house go

if i fall asleep?

Is it still the same or not?

What happens? I do not remember...

When I close my eyes

what's going on?

Can things stay ...?

Tell me, can they?

(Elsa Isabel Bornemann)

Will your son have understood the meaning of this poetry? We help you reflect with him and improve his reading comprehension with these questions:

  1. What happens to the wall if you close your eyes?
  2. What happens to the light when you close your eyes?
  3. What happens to the house when you sleep?

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