Meaning of the name Hegesipo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Hegesipo. Name for boys

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It is not a popular or known name among parents, but it is the name of a saint who celebrates his name day in the month of April. Our name finder has thousands of names for children to help you in the important moment when you have to decide what name to give to a baby that is to be born. We highlight in the dictionary of meaning of names, the name: Hegesippus.

The name of Hegesippus celebrates his saint's day on April 7. It is a masculine name of Greek origin. Name of a famous speaker from the 4th century BC. C. and of a bishop of Rome of century II. Rider, horse driver

  • Henri Matisse, French painter (1969-1954)
  • Enrique Bunbury, Spanish singer (1967)
  • Enrique Iglesias, Spanish singer (1975)
  • Enrique Ponce, Spanish bullfighter (1971)
  • Henry Ford American industrialist, founder of Ford (1863-1947).

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