Foot reflexology in babies

Foot reflexology in babies

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The foot reflexology that is performed on both adults and infants and young children, is, in essence, the same. The difference lies in the sensitivity and training of the reflexologist, and in the involvement of the parents in the process.

Is about a simple, non-invasive technique, that enhances health and the body's capacity for self-regulation. You work on both feet using pressure and rotations. It has no side effects and can be used at any age.

Massages on the baby's feet produce a relaxing effect that helps eliminate stress and facilitates physical and mental relaxation. But it also has many other benefits. Among them:

- Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic and boosts the immune system.

- Regulates the functioning of the body organs and balances and restores energy levels.

- Help the elimination of toxins, constipation, hemorrhoids ...

- Promotes sleep.

- Alleviate the pain.

It is very gratifying to see how moms treated with reflexology before and during pregnancy, trust reflexology to maintain the health of their babies.

One of the most frequent problems that can occur in the first months of the baby's life is infant colic, which is caused by a certain immaturity of the digestive system. Symptoms, such as uncontrolled crying, stiffness, restlessness, or irritation, usually appear in the late afternoon.

Staying with your baby, providing security and support, and staying calm is very important. Warm the tummy with your handBy making gentle movements in a clockwise direction, it will facilitate the relaxation of the intestine, and touching his feet will help to calm his irritability and the spasms that he is suffering.

It is important to go to a reflexologist to know the best way to massage the baby's feet and to have their knowledge and support at such an important moment in the life of the family.

Reflexology is also very effective for constipation, as it helps to tone the intestines and make it easier for them to improve their movement. It is also the great ally of the baby's immune system in its development. Supports your immune system to build defenses necessary. The first years are key to the subsequent functioning of our immunity. It also strengthens the defenses against colds, angina, otitis and all other frequent infections at this age.

I recommend that parents massage their baby's feet every day for a little while, either after bathing or before sleeping, thereby helping their nervous system to remain balanced, relieving tension and providing self-confidence.

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