Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with their Scorpio children

Compatibility of Capricorn mothers with their Scorpio children

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Both signs have aspects in common such as realism, fighting spirit and ambition, but that same will make them collide and have a turbulent relationship.

Scorpio is a water sign, dominated by Mars, planet of struggle and great triumphs.

Capricorn is a earth sign, given to effort and righteousness, but capable of a safe and pleasant home for their children to develop their full potential.

We tell you how is the relationship of Capricorn mothers with the children of the Scorpio sign.

Capricorn mothers are willing mothers who use their effort to create quiet homes and safe for your children.

They are women realistic and fighters, that when they have a clear goal they always achieve it with a sure step and without stopping. They like to instill effort and demand in their children, although sometimes they can be a bit harsh and distant with them.

They are mothers to whom they like to send, and take charge of your family. They are not very flexible mentally, which can lead to stubborn confrontations.

Capricorn mothers are not very given to sentimental effusivitiesThey are rather sparing in kisses and hugs, but their children will always have your unconditional support when they need it.

Scorpio children have a complicated character. Are contradictory, and demanding with themselves. They tend to indulge in dramas easily, although their strength of spirit and their continual struggle makes them continually rise from their ashes.

They are children who are constantly on the defensive, although there is no attack on them, which brings them quite a lot of enemies, but far from being discouraged motivates them to move on.

Those born in Scorpio are also realistic, individualistic, and highly organized children. Possessive and difficult to guide due to his strong personality. They can be a bit angry when they are opposed and can be very aggressive if they are hurt.

They are nervous children, with a lot of sensitivity, with which it is convenient to educate them delicately rather than rudely.

Both the Capricorn mother and the Scorpio child share union links: they both like to be organized, they have a desire to fight, they like to achieve their goal and will fight until they achieve it, and they both like to be in control of situations. But precisely those points in common can be a trouble when mother and son confront each other, since neither of them will be able to give in to the other.

Both are eager for power, the difference is that the mother is much more diplomat than the son.

The Capricorn mother can give her Scorpio child the necessary stability so that he can grow in harmony, as well as common sense and constant support, on the other hand, Scorpios need, even if they do not show it, that backup from his mother in order to achieve the desired success.

Children are not very willing to receive criticism from your mother, even with the best intentions, and if they are hurt they can be vindictive, since their internal fragility leads them to distance themselves without any remorse.

If you are a Capricorn mother, remember that it is important to instill discipline in Scorpio children but without being too harsh, since these children cannot bear to be sent to them and prefer to reason with them.

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