A very contagious laugh. Children's story about magic and laughter

A very contagious laugh. Children's story about magic and laughter

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The power of laughter it is not just therapeutic. Laughter transmits the best of emotions to children, it amuses them, makes them happy, makes them see life in a different color, makes them face their problems with another perspective, that is why any reason is good enough to be able to laugh out loud .

This is a children's story about magic and laughter, where also laughing has incredible effects, do you want to know what they are? ...

Everyone knew that in the castle of the Sunny Kingdom the birthdays of the little children were magical. Many things were heard and some were so rare that it was hard to believe. Even the wise court magician, Marlowe, was unable to explain or understand these enchantments.

It would soon be Prince Louis' eighth birthday. An enormous chocolate cake had been ordered for the celebration. So big, they thought it wouldn't fit through the living room doors. And it is that, all the boys and girls of the kingdom were invited to the Big party.

The big day has arrived. And when the little ones entered the royal hall they discovered the young prince and his brothers suspended in the air. They floated between the big lamps, they tumbled ... but the most surprising thing is that they didn't stop laughing. The young guests were amazed and more than one was open-mouthed. And it was the son of the baker of the kingdom who said: "the party seems to be up there, how will we go up?" Hearing him, Prince Louis explained: "You just have to think of funny things and you will see how you rise and end up in the air."

They did so and everyone had a fun afternoon thanks to the laughing gas that gave off the happy thoughts of the little ones. They danced on the heights, they ate the cake clinging to the curtains, and some of them even had a drop of pee escaping from laughing so much. And it is that, the gas of the laughter flooded all the air.

The magician Marlowe did not understand what was happening in the royal hall, but he did know that the afternoon was drawing to a close and the guests had to return to their homes. He tried to climb a ladder to grab their feet and help them down, but was unsuccessful. He asked them to please stop laughing and think about how sad their moms and dads would be if they didn't come home that night. It was then that hesadness filled them, when the enchantment disappeared and everyone was back on the ground.

It had been a great birthday and Prince Louis had had the best of gifts, the laughter of his kingdom.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text, you can ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- Why was the prince's birthday so special?

- Was it the wizard Marlowe who had cast a spell on the birthday?

- What had to be done to be able to fly?

How could they come down from the heights?

- What thought would make you fly?

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