The positives of being a single mother

The positives of being a single mother

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Probably if you are a woman who at this moment does not have a partner, but you do feel a strong desire to be a mother within you, you may be considering the possibility of being a single mother.

And if your desire to be a mother leads you to decide to have a child without a partner, surely you will devote much of your energy, your thoughts and your time to shuffling the pros and cons, the advantages and the disadvantages, the wonderful and how risky this situation is.

The main advantage of being a single mother is that you will have the responsibility of educating and caring for your child, and of choosing what values ​​you want to transmit to him, without having to fight or argue with anyone about the type of guidance you want for your child. . You will be free to transmit to your child those values ​​that you consider are correct for their education, without having to agree on it with anyone.

Tell you that from here, I would like to invite you to also take time to reflect on one aspect of your new situation. I think it is important to be able to think about whether someone in your environment is going to be able to perform the role that the father performs.

The real father is not really important, the function that the father performs is important. The physical father is not so important, in fact it is often seen in families that although there is a physical father, no one is really doing that paternal function. The role of father is a role that someone in your environment will surely be able to perform, a brother, a grandfather, a friend.

To understand us. What is this function performed by the father? It consists in having a person in your environment who is capable of transmitting to your child that the world does not consist only in being united with mom. It is the person who will allow the child to begin to separate from you, his mother and begin to enter the social world and the world of norms. He is the person who will also make your child see that you are not only for him, that there are also more people in your world, thus allowing him to enter the social world.

If you have decided to be a single mother It is one of the bravest decisions you have ever made And surely you will love your child like no one else, you will attend to him like no one else, you will give him everything he needs on an emotional and physical level and your child will grow up healthy and happy.

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