Teach children autonomy habits before going back to school

Teach children autonomy habits before going back to school

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When the return to school approaches, many parents start to get tense because our children have not yet acquired some necessary habits of autonomy.

Controlling bowel movements, putting on a jacket, knowing how to clean oneself after going to the bathroom or eating alone are some of the skills needed by children beginning early childhood education. However, many children have not yet acquired these abilities, either because their parents consider them too young for them, or because the child cannot acquire them. Let's see what habits of autonomy children have to acquire before going back to school.

For children beginning early childhood education, those who are between 3 and 5 years old, learning to eat alone, put on clothes or go to the bathroom alone are great achievements that mark a before and after. Some children acquire them with virtually no need for help, and others need more attention.

However, when the return to school is approaching, the rush arrives, because at school the children will not have their mother or father behind to help them and, although their teacher will be able to guide them, they will also have 20 other children like your son. It is therefore important that, from home, certain habits of autonomy and the acquisition of basic skills are worked so that it is less difficult for the child to adapt to school.

- Control sphincters: the child will not be able to go to school with diapers, unless they have a described illness that makes it necessary. You must know how to detect the need to pee and poop. It is very likely that in Early Childhood Education, teachers will ask you to change clothes to have in the classroom because in this process of learning and changes children may have some setback or simply a bad day. But it is important that the child knows how to control toilet bowls when he starts school.

- Clean only after going to the toilet: It is an apprenticeship for which we usually consider 3-year-olds very young and, however, from schools, parents ask us to teach children to clean themselves. They are no longer in kindergarten and the number of children per classroom prevents teachers from giving exclusive attention to a child. Therefore, little by little, at home, we have to teach our children what to do after peeing or pooping. We have to teach them to use the toilet paper and flush the toilet after using it.

- Dress: We are not going to start by teaching them to button up, an activity for which they need to gain more fine motor skills. But we can teach them to put on their pants or jacket. In schools they use the trick of placing the jacket on the ground, in the opposite direction, so that the children put both arms at the same time through the sleeves, pass the coat over their head and ... voila!

- Putting on shoes: in nursery schools, children still take a nap break. It is normal for them to take off their shoes for this and, therefore, they have to put them back on at the end of the dream. Teach your children to put their shoes on, each one in their place, with a little drawing on their shoes and buy the one that does not need laces since they are still too young to know how to make a bow.

- Eating alone: Maybe in kindergarten your son had a dining room assistant who would give him the food and every day she would tell you how much he had eaten, but at school it is different. Your child will have to know how to use at least the fork and spoon because he will eat alone. The teachers may offer a little help to the children, but you won't be able to sit with them every day.

So that the child can be prepared to face these challenges you will have to practice at home, do not leave it for the end, do not pressure him and do not yell at him if he does not succeed. They are great habits of autonomy that are achieved with time, practice and a lot of love.

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