The responsability. Educate children in values

The responsability. Educate children in values

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Educate responsible children it is a long-term task that requires dedication. To foster a sense of responsibility in children, it is advisable to start by gradually training them in commitment, trying to get children to take charge, within their possibilities, of clearing up their room, setting the table, organizing their backpack or your suitcase...

Responsibility as a social value is linked to commitment. Responsibility guarantees the fulfillment of the acquired commitments and generates trust and tranquility among people. All responsibility is closely linked to obligation and duty. Both concepts constitute the raw material of responsibility.

Through games or group activities, it is easier and more enjoyable to teach children a sense of responsibility and they will be more willing to understand their 'duties and obligations'. Being responsible in the global sense of the word means:

1. Responsibility towards oneself
I am responsible for making my wishes come true, for my choices and actions, for my personal happiness, for choosing the values ​​by which I live, and for raising my self-esteem.

2. Responsibility towards the tasks to be carried out
I am responsible for the way in which I distribute my time and carry out my duties and pending work.

3. Responsibility in consumption
I am responsible for my expenses, taking care of my things and choosing gifts for Christmas, birthdays ...

4. Responsibility towards society
I am responsible for my conduct with other people: co-workers, family, friends, and for communicating correctly with others.

1. Every time you assign a task to your child and he / she accepts the fulfillment of it, he / she must also agree to fulfill the given word.

2. If you are wrong, accept your mistakes with humility and invite your child to do what he must to get back on the right track.

3. Teach him the value of self-commitment. It is decisive in a responsible person, since you must always keep in mind that you must comply with other people, without forgetting that with the first person you have a duty it is with yourself.

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