Benefits of playing the guitar for children

Benefits of playing the guitar for children

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If you are thinking of starting your child in the wonderful world of music but neither he nor you decide on a musical instrument, on our site we propose the guitar.

The benefits of playing the guitar for children They are huge, not only will they enjoy music, but they will also acquire other skills and abilities. Find out which ones.

1. It is an easy to transport instrument, the child can carry it with him everywhere and, above all, affordable. You will find guitars for beginners from 50 or 60 euros and, if your child goes crazy with this instrument, later you can consider acquiring a more professional one. In addition, it is an instrument that has various sizes, depending on the age of the child:

- 1/4: they are small guitars for children up to 7 or 8 years old.

- 1/2: for children between 1.10 and 1.30 centimeters.

- 3/4: children between 1.20 and 1.40.

- 7/8: for teenagers and people with small hands.

- 4/4: this is the standard size for an adult guitar.

Remember also that if your child is left-handed, you must take this into account when purchasing a guitar.

2. It is not a very noisy instrument, Such as a drums or a piano that, in addition, badly played can be stressful and exhausting for the ears of parents and neighbors.

3. Musicians recommend the guitar as base instrument for composing. If your child is very creative and wants not only to learn to play, but to create, the guitar is an excellent vehicle for him to start as a composer.

4. Playing the guitar is a much more enriching activity than watching television or play video games all day. A musical instrument can fill and change your child's life.

5. The guitar It will develop the creativity and talent of the child. You will not only be able to play other people's melodies, but make up your own or even develop incredible talent with the strings.

6. Learning to master a musical instrument such as the guitar helps children to gain more self-confidence. What's more, it's a great way to socialize with others who will ask you to play their idols' songs.

7. Playing the guitar is fun It will help your child to smile, have a great time, feel happy and make others happy.

8. Play a musical instrument, stimulates all parts of the brain, Playing the guitar is an excellent exercise for the mind. It even encourages children's math skills.

9. The guitar stimulates the child's memory They will have to remember and internalize where and how to place each finger so that the music sounds as it should.

10. Learn to play the guitar improves coordination: the child has to do something different with each hand, so it will stimulate his motor coordination and his ability to multitask.

11. The boy who plays the guitar is constantly working on his ability to concentrate and pay attention sustained in a single matter.

12. Learning to play the guitar for children is not a task that is achieved from one day to the next, they will have to work patience, constancy and perseverance. Trying over and over to hit the right notes every time.

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