Pregnancy menu. Sixth month

Pregnancy menu. Sixth month

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You reach the end of second trimester of pregnancy and the bond between the fetus and the mother is becoming more intense, not only in communication but also in regard to food. The baby moves more and more and is already beginning to develop his sensory capacity, knowing the flavors of the food ingested by the mother.

Feeding can also be a way of communicating with the baby, of transmitting sensations through what his mother eats. Therefore, in we care and want you to eat a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy.

So that you eat in a healthy and appropriate way in your sixth month of pregnancy, the nutritionistCristina Abascal, has prepared menus for every week of the sixth month of pregnancy, as a way to guide and help all mothers, who are in this stage of pregnancy, to eat a healthy diet for both her and her baby.

InGuiainfantil we provide you with the four menus corresponding to thesixth month of pregnancy:

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