Brownie recipes. A chocolate classic for children

Brownie recipes. A chocolate classic for children

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The brownie is a traditional American dessert, a rich and dense chocolate sponge cake accompanied by dried fruits, which is usually served with a scoop of ice cream, usually vanilla, and hot chocolate. A delight for children and for the not so young!

The origin of this exquisite sponge cake, according to popular tradition, consists in an error. It seems that a somewhat distracted cook forgot one day to add yeast to the brownie he was preparing, so the dough did not rise. Instead of throwing it away, when he tasted a piece he realized that he had found a spectacular dessert, with an intense chocolate flavor. This is how the brownie came about. offers us different ways of elaborating thebrownie. Pick one and invite the children into the kitchen to prepare it. Its strong flavor and texture are the most characteristic of this sweet, which is very juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

The high concentration of chocolate makes the brownie one of the children's favorite desserts. As it is a very simple recipe to cook with children, we invite you to try any of these recipes:

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