Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Christmas poem by Gloria Fuertes

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Christmas poem by Gloria Fuertes

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Jesús, María y José is a Christmas poem written by Gloria Fuertes, one of the best known children's poets. In our site You can read this Christmas poem and recite it with the children, even a fun game can be to encourage children to find the rhyme between words. And it is that the rhymes of Gloria Fuertes are perfect for teaching children to rhyme.

they were by the manger.

The boy was cold.

Maria had a fever.

a little angel entertains him.

People are milling around,

The Kings of the East are coming.

The messengers approach.

The Child pouts.

He does not like fine gold,

prefers linen diaper.

The shepherds go on motorcycles,

and there is a ruckus,

the frightened sheep,

they run towards the sheepfolds.

The shepherds give the Child

buns and cheese, and honey.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus,

they give us life and give us light.

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