Videos of Christmas wreaths for the door or the table

Videos of Christmas wreaths for the door or the table

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During the Christmas holidays, we can entertain the children with many fun and creative activities. Crafts is one of her favorites. Thus, has produced a series of videos in which you can find a tutorial to make Christmas wreaths.

As you well know, Christmas or Advent wreaths are usually used to decorate the front door of the house or the center of the table. This, we suggest some crowns of different formats and materials. Ideal ornaments to make a personalized decoration of the house.

In these videos you can learn how to make Christmas wreaths with felt, cardboard, wrapping paper, wooden clothespins (the kind we use to hang clothes), pine cones, etc. A very original way for children to decorate the house for the holidays. Follow these videos:

Tutorial videos on how to make Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath with wrapping paper on video. With this video tutorial on our site you can learn how to make an original and beautiful Christmas wreath using the origami or origami technique. We have made this original wreath, ideal to use as a Christmas ornament to hang on your front door.

Christmas origami wreath on video. Do you want to make your own Christmas wreath to decorate your front door? On our site we suggest you create this beautiful ornament following the Japanese art of origami. It is a craft made with paper very simple to make and ideal for children to collaborate with the Christmas decoration.

Video of Christmas wreath with wooden clothespins. On our site we teach you how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath using wooden clothespins. It is a very simple Christmas craft to make and very inexpensive. Children can make it to their liking by following these tips.

Felt Christmas wreath on video. An original Christmas wreath made with felt. our site proposes a Christmas craft for children to make a holly wreath at home. Video crafts to make Christmas decorations with felt. Christmas holly wreath made of felt.

Many people wonder what the meaning of the Christmas wreath is and why they hang it on the front door of the house during the Christmas holidays.

The story goes that garlands first arose in ancient Rome. They were in the habit of exchanging gifts at the end of the year celebrations. The gifts were varied but basically consisted of green branches that were called 'strenae', in homage to Strenia, goddess of health.

To make the branches more beautiful and attractive, they began to give a round, ring shape to the garland. In addition, to show that they had received the gift and to ensure home health for the new year, the Romans hung these wreaths on the front doors of their houses.

Over time, crowns, which before were just green foliage, began to be made with various materials and colors. At Christmas, she symbolizes the sanctity of the family and home. Each family adorns the crown with the symbols they want, depending on their beliefs or creativity.


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