7 good and bad characteristics of babies born in December

7 good and bad characteristics of babies born in December

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Are you going to have or have you had a baby for Christmas? Surely those parties have been the most magical of your entire life. The arrival of a new member to the family is always special, but when it occurs during the holidays, the joy is multiplied. Now how are babies born in december? In we do a small analysis of the good and the bad of the children who have come to the world in the last month of the year.

That each person is a world and that we are all different is not just a saying, it is a reality. But, depending on the time in which our son is born, he may be more nervous, more sociable, more outgoing and have a totally different range of emotions and sensibilities. Even, will have various skills that make you more suitable for a certain profession.

We have not gone crazy and although the matter seems esoteric, it is not. If you thought that the month in which your children are born only determines their horoscope, you are very wrong. There are more and more scientific studies (especially from American universities and the Nordic countries of Europe) that support pSimilar patterns that are repeated in people born in the same month.

And it is that, the date of birth of our little one can determine even the diseases to which he will be most exposed and predisposed to suffer. However, there is no rule without exception. And do not forget that there are also nuances and features that will make your baby always unique and special. However, these are some traits that children born in December share.

1. The cold as an ally
Scientific studies show that babies born in cold weather have greater motor development. Therefore, you will soon be able to see your child crawling and crawling around the house. Those born in December are usually the first to take their first steps.

2. The challenge of reaching the elders
Without a doubt, being the youngest among the oldest is smart and motivates. And it is that adaptation to the environment is survival. His classmates from nursery school, although they are born in the same year they can get to take 11 months (a lifetime at those ages), will be an example to follow and a challenge to achieve. His quest to move forward will lead him to surpass himself and turn him into a great restless adventurer.

3. He will listen and be respectful
It will be difficult for them to be offensive since they like to listen and take into account the opinion of others. They tend to be so respectful that they seek the good of the group, which in the long run can make them true leaders.

4. Concentration of gifts
His birthday meets Christmas. And they are dates in which the party bug enters and the desire to use the wallet. In addition, being born in a time of good wishes will make them generous and supportive. The negative of this, that the rest of the year can be very long waiting for a gift.

5. Will radiate happiness
December is a festive month and your baby will be born under the joy of celebrating. For this reason, they are usually young with good humor, ready to break the monotony and the first to join a good party. There is no wonder, it is the first thing they learn at birth: live the party and seek surprise.

6. Academic performance
As they are the little ones in the class, statistics place them as the children with the lowest academic performance and with the worst results at the curricular level. School failure tends to threaten those born in December because their level of maturity is lower than that of the rest of their peers. But don't let the alarms go off; That's what parents are for, to be aware of how the child's learning process evolves and to help them. In addition, this disadvantage is reduced over time.

7. You have to take care
Statistics suggest that if your baby is a girl, it will be more prone to chronic bronchitis, asthma or thrombosis. But if it is a male, perhaps in his adult life he will have to face a depression or a heart attack. Parents are warned, we just have to be attentive to the signs and work so that our child does not join those data.

Also, not everything is shadows, there are also lights. Children from December are usually less prone to myopia and, therefore, to have better eyesight. Another advantage is that your little one will have stronger bones and possibly taller, thanks to the fact that during pregnancy in the summer months the mother will have been able to absorb more vitamin D.

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