Names for babies born in November

Names for babies born in November

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Doubts assail us when choosing our baby's name. Which of all those names that we like will fit the baby's personality? In this matter the children's astrology, knowing in advance some traits of his character and looking at the month of his birth.

According to the day of November when the baby arrives It will be Scorpio or Sagittarius. Although both signs are very different, they also have common characteristics. In general, babies born in November are characterized by great energy and vitality. They are lively and with a curious mind that always finds new concerns.

Take note of these beautiful names from which to choose how to name your baby according to his birth month!

1. Alonso
The name is of Germanic origin and has a meaning that speaks of nobility. It is a variant of Alfonso but, in this case, it provides a plus of distinction. Rescued from medieval tradition, Alonso is back in fashion and promises to remain popular.

2. Alejandra
This name of Greek origin is one of the most attractive for girls. Gives strength and power to the girl who wears it and also stands out for that distinguished and elegant air. Despite its long tradition, it is one of those names that does not lose popularity.

3. Leo
It is a name of Latin origin that was originally a diminutive. Over time, full names such as Leopoldo or Leonardo gained popularity and became a name with its own entity that is becoming more fashionable every day.

4. Maria
The most traditional and frequent name for a girl is of Hebrew origin. It has a special energy that makes it never lose freshness and is always current. In addition, it can accompany other names forming a thousand combinations.

5. Francisco Javier
It is one of the most frequent compound names for boys. The Germanic origin of Francisco joins the Basque origin of Javier to form a combination that stands out for its elegance and personality.

6. Rachel
The name is of Hebrew origin and belongs to one of the most popular biblical characters. Despite its long tradition, Raquel does not lose freshness and remains a current name, forceful and able to reinforce the personality of your girl.

7. Roberto
This name of Germanic origin is one of those classics that remain fresh and current despite time. It is a name that gives off an unusual energy, endowed with a special charisma that will undoubtedly be transmitted to your child.

8. Penelope
This special name is of Greek origin and has been handed down to us through mythology in the figure of the patient wife of Ulysses. If it is gaining popularity in recent years it is thanks to the famous Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.

9. Jorge
The name is of Greek origin and has a meaning of 'he who works the land'. We are facing one of those names for children who do not lose strength and who are capable of reinventing themselves generation after generation to continue being modern.

10. Soul
This name for a girl of Latin origin contains in its meaning a great spirituality. Like more and more for being a short but forceful name that highlights the delicacy of any child and is also loaded with emotion.

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