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How can I know if my child is allergic? What can I do to make my daughter sleep through the night? Is there a trick to make my child lose his fear of water? My child does not eat well, what can I do? There are so many doubts and questions that parents may have about pregnancy, education and children's health, that, has created this space ofQuestions and answers.

In Questions and answers, users, be they parents, educators, psychologists or health professionals, can express and reflect their questions and, at the same time, respond to those of other readers. In this space, everyone will be able to share with everyone not only their doubts and questions, but also their experiences and ideas as parents and professionals.

Many times, the advice of other parents, knowing the opinion and experience of others who have lived the same situation as them, sharing the secret or the formula that has worked for them at home with their children, or simply feeling that they are not alone, In other words, that other parents also share with them the same insecurity, the same fears, inexperience or doubt, can serve as help for our wide community of parents.

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Questions and answers it is a very simple and comfortable tool to use. Parents who are registered users will only have to connect. If you are not yet registered, you can do it quickly and easily, and then log in to participate. It is important for each user to register because it is a way to protect and ensure that the space is safe for everyone.

The purpose ofQuestions and answers is to make both moms and dads not feel alone in their great role of parenting and, at the same time, feel that their experience and ideas can help and guide other parents.

We invite you to ask YOUR QUESTION NOW.

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