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Meaning of the name Hugo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Hugo. Name for boys

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What will the Hugo's name which in recent years has become a favorite for many parents for their future baby? In We have done an in-depth study to reveal to you all the secrets around this popular name for children: its origin and meaning, the saints, the famous characters that throughout history have been called like this and, also, what numerology says of the. So you will have no doubts if in the end you opt for him to baptize your offspring!

There are many reasons why Hugo is such a common name today. It is simple, very easy to pronounce and write for the little ones, but what else does this name have that makes it so desired? It all has to do with their meanings, intelligent, bright and playful, and it is that what parent does not want their little one to have these three qualities?

Its origin must be sought in the German culture and, specifically, in the term Hugh, used in its origins by the nobles and religious of the German country. Another reason why this name is very common in schools and nurseries around the world, it denotes distinction and category!

Just as there are other names that can be shortened, in this case, Hugo's name does not know a diminutive, and it is that little else can be shortened from these two vowels and two consonants. Still, some grandmothers use Huguito to refer to their offspring.

Do you want to know one last curiosity about the history, the meaning and the origin of this name? It is said that, in mythology, Hugo was one of Odin's ravens, who informed him of what was happening on Earth. These are children with a lot of communication!

What would you think if we told you that there is not one, not two, not three but up to a dozen days in the entire calendar to celebrate the saint of Hugo? Of course, among all the dates corresponding to different saints in history (Saint Hugo of Genoa, Saint Hugo of Lincoln, Saint Hugo of Noaria) there is a date that is considered the most official and it is April 1 and corresponds to Saint Hugo. of Grenoble, bishop of this French city between 1080 and 1132.

The rest of the days to celebrate the saint of this name are

  • January 21st
  • April 9th
  • April 29
  • 15 th of May
  • 11th of June
  • August 10
  • September 18
  • October 21
  • November 8th
  • November 17
  • December 1st
  • December 27

Compound names add distinction and category. Here are some ideas in case Hugo's name doesn't seem like a lot to you and you want to add something else to it, either to pay tribute to your husband, an uncle, your maternal or paternal grandparents:

  • Hugo Andres
  • Hugo Alberto
  • Hugo Alexander
  • Hugo Enrique
  • Hugo Ernesto
  • Hugo Ricardo

Perhaps one of the reasons that always places this name in the top 10 of the popular ones is that there are many celebrities who proudly wear these four letters. Its importance and success takes us to very ancient times and to all kinds of social classes, for example, Hugo I Capet (940-996), King of France (during 987-996), founder of the Capetian dynasty or Count the Ampurias Hugo I (c. 965-1040), without forgetting important ecclesiastics such as Hugo I, bishop of Troyes (c. 1075).

If we focus on recent years, there are many men from the world of culture, sports, music or cinema who have Hugo's name written on their ID or passport. Here is a list! Do you know them all?

  • Hugh Grant, English actor (1961)
  • Hugo Pratt, Spanish cartoonist (1927).
  • Hugo Sánchez, Mexican soccer player (1958)
  • Hugo Silva, Spanish actor (1977)
  • Hugo Boss, German businessman (1885)
  • Hugh Jackman Australian film, television and film actor (1968)
  • Victor Hugo, French playwright and author (1802)
  • Hugh Laurie, English actor, comedian and comedian (1959)

Numerology is a science through which we can discover more traits of our child's personality. Do you want to know the good and the bad that people named Hugo have according to the number 6, a digit obtained by adding the value corresponding to each of their letters H (8) + U (3) + G (7) + O (6 )?

- Positive things
People governed by this digit are very loving and affectionate. They love spending time with their loved ones, so you'll have your youngster running around behind you all day giving you hugs and kisses. Isn't it cool? But it is not the only thing. They are very communicative and empathetic people, who have no problems when making friends. All a public relations!

- Negative things
On the contrary, and perhaps to protect those close to them, they do not usually express their feelings. They are able to swallow it all themselves so as not to worry others. Living with them can also be a bit complicated, because they are a bit messy and do not obey rules or regulations.

Did you know that the Hugo's name have a lot of translations into other languages? From Italian to Polish to Lithuanian. Find out how this name is said in other cultures and countries.

  • Hugo in Breton: Hw
  • Hugo in Basque: Uga
  • Hugo in Faroese: Jógvan
  • Hugo in French: Hugues
  • Hugo in English: Hugh
  • Hugo in Italian: Ugo
  • Hugo in Lithuanian: Hugonas
  • Hugo in Polish: Hugon
  • Hugo in Russian: Гуго (Gugo)

This name has served as an inspiration for many writers to create stories with a male protagonist named Hugo. Do you know, for example, the story of 'Hugo's wheels'? It is a story to work with the child on values ​​such as effort and improvement, and to make him see that no fear can prevent him from struggling to see his dreams come true.

Another outstanding story is that of 'Hugo and the blue fish', a story for children, but also for parents to understand a little better how the brain and mind of our children work and give an answer to a question: why do they Are they capable of seeing magical things while the older ones try to avoid them?

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