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6 gardening activities to enjoy with the kids this summer

6 gardening activities to enjoy with the kids this summer

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Gardening, caring for plants or any other activity that has to do with being in contact with the countryside and the environment has many benefits for the little ones in the house. The first of them, they learn valuable lessons about nature, the second, they have a great time! And it is that, gardening activities to do with boys and girls of all ages They are ideal for spending time with the family and for discovering fascinating things this summer. Here we leave you a list with our favorites so that you can do as many times as you want with your children.

Before we get down to business with the activities to do in the garden, do you think we can see the main advantages that these have for the little ones?

- They are ideal for working on patience as children have to wait to see how the seeds they have planted grow.

- They promote responsibility and teamwork.

- They allow us to know what the countryside is like, how the flowers grow and where the fruits and vegetables that we serve at the table come from.

- Promotes respect for nature and the environment as well as a healthy lifestyle.

- Values ​​as important as dedication, effort and perseverance.

- Children feel great satisfaction once they see the results they have achieved.

- They are Funny activities for the summer that they like young and old.

1. Plant legumes in a glass jar
You probably did this gardening activity at school when you were little. It involves putting some cotton in a glass jar and some raw legumes such as lentils or chickpeas. The cotton is moistened and, after a couple of days, you can see how the legume has germinated. Simple, easy to do at home and very enjoyable for young children.

2. Do you dare with grass hair heads?
A gardening craft that is very easy to do and with a spectacular result. Nylon stockings, dirt, grass seeds, and a glass of yogurt. You do not need anything else. The tip of the stocking is filled with the seeds, covered with soil and tied with a knot so that it looks like a hard ball.

Next, we fill the yogurt cup with water more or less half, we put our ball inside in such a way that what has been left over from the stocking after the knot will act as a wick, that is, it will remain in the water and it will be in charge of making the humidity reach the top. After two weeks, when the grass begins to grow, it is time to decorate the ball / head with eyes, nose, mouth ... No one can resist!

3. A very fun home pot
Let's see what you think of this idea. Prepare a container that you have at home, it can be from a glass jar, to a hard plastic bottle through a conventional flowerpot. The idea is to tell the children to paint, decorate and unleash their imagination to make a flowerpot in the shape of their cartoon character, with letters and messages and as many more things as they want. Afterwards, aromatic flowers or vegetable seeds are planted in that home pot.

4. Urban gardens, do you sign up?
Find out which urban garden you have close to home and prepare a visit with your children. It is ideal for them to see first-hand how the garden is cared for, what material is needed and what things are grown. And not only that, but they will have the opportunity to be true gardeners with important tasks. Don't be surprised if when you get home they ask you all about the vegetables and fruits you have in the kitchen. An experience that is definitely worth it.

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5. A field trip
As a summer activity, you can organize a field trip to spend a day with your family, be in contact with nature and learn from it. As a complementary plan, you can take some seeds to the field to plant them (make a mark on the ground to remember where exactly you are going to put them) and you can also collect stones, dried cones or leaves to decorate at home and put in the pots of which we spoke before.

6. And as a final activity ... A birdbath!
What do we need to make a drinking fountain for our bird friends? Well, a couple of pots that are the same size and a clay plate of the kind that usually come with the same pot. We place a pot on the ground upside down and the other on top resting on the base so that it makes the shape of a fountain. Next, we place the clay plate on top, fill it with water and put it in a quiet place so that the birds are not afraid to drink water. You will see that they do not take long to arrive!

And you? With which of these ideal gardening activities to do with children are you going to start?

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