Marked dates of the Venezuelan school calendar. Course 2019/2020

Marked dates of the Venezuelan school calendar. Course 2019/2020

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Primary represents the beginning of the growth of your little ones, who are beginning to become people in society. And, as every year, both parents and children nervously wait to know the start date of school, when the end of the course will be and, above all, the periods in which they can go on vacation. Therefore, below we show you what will be the Venezuelan school calendar for the 2019/2020 academic year. Let's see it!

Below we detail the list with the most important dates to consider:

  • September 16: Start of the preschool and primary school period 2019-2020
  • September 23: Beginning of the basic and diversified secondary school period 2019-2020
  • October 1: Accompaniment to the new entries of secondary education and technical secondary education
  • November 15-16: Natural Sciences Student State Challenge
  • December 13: Short Christmas break
  • January 7: Restart of classes for all grades of education
  • January 13-15: Institutional student challenge of Geography, history and citizenship
  • January 13-17: Institutional student challenge of English and other foreign languages
  • January 22-27: Circuit student challenge of Geography, history and citizenship
  • January 27-31: Circuit student challenge of English and other foreign languages
  • February 11: Institutional Student Mathematics Challenge
  • February 27- March 1: Circuit Math Student Challenge
  • March 13-15: State Math Student Challenge
  • May 11: Institutional Spanish student challenge
  • July 17: End of the 2019-2020 school term

As you well know, the school calendar is divided into three lapses, which indicate the degree of difficulty in the knowledge that will be imparted by the teachers and which will be evaluated in three large exams, known as lapse evaluations, but also knowledge is continuously evaluated with workshops, exhibitions, debates and short exams.

The primary school calendar in Venezuela has specific characteristics. During the months of July until the first two weeks of September, the primary, middle and secondary academic activities are on their respective vacations (unlike the university ones that end towards the end of July).

Another special addition on these dates are the graduations that are carried out in both primary and secondary school. They are also made for preschool and some universities, so that the month of July becomes a month of celebration for all the effort and knowledge acquired, to then begin a new stage in academic life.

In essence, the school period in Venezuela for primary education is made up of 180 days, the equivalent of 3 quarters, distributed from the last two weeks of September or the first of October (which is the new start of school) until July (which is the end of school), where classes are taught on working weekdays, from 7 a.m. tomorrow until noon.

As I already mentioned, the vacation period occurs twice a year. On the one hand, a long break that goes from the last two weeks of July to the first two weeks of September or the first week of October. And on the other hand, a shorter one that takes place the last fortnight of December until the first week of January, where classes restart the day after Reyes.

Then, there is a very short two-day break for the carnival, which will be on the 24th and 25th (Monday and Tuesday) of February 2020. From there, the traditional 40 days are counted, starting on Ash Wednesday to get to Easter, which in Venezuela, for the Easter holidays for primary education, is given from the Friday of the council, which in 2020 will be April 3 until April 12, which is Easter Sunday.

Is your little one about to start elementary school? It is surely an exciting and intimidating time for him or her, as well as for the parents. It is a new beginning that represents a completely different stage, and in some way, more mature for children, because It is an advance in his school career. They go from being little ones in kindergarten to formal students of the state, where they will begin to learn tools to cope with their outside environment.

During the primary period, children begin to develop their cognitive skills to a higher level, learn mathematics and more complex language lessons, while they begin to study about the world around them, with the subjects of history, biology, nature and they learn new skills with drawing and extracurricular activities.

That is why it is important that we take advantage of the vacation months to prepare our children for this change of course that they are going to undertake. And of course we also have to have everything ready for the new school year.

A good recommendation is to buy all the supplies and uniforms before the end of August, since the prices are cheaper, there are offers in school stores and they are not crowded.

Another good recommendation is to use this period to do a little review of the new lessons that may come in the new grade. In this way your little ones they won't feel so nervous about ignorance and they will be able to have more confidence when taking their exams.

Enjoy the holidays and the new course!

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