The Milky Way and more colored galaxies. Experiments for children

The Milky Way and more colored galaxies. Experiments for children

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The experiments for kids They are usually simple, made with materials that we can have at home and with which minors can participate and carry out the entire production process with the help or supervision of an adult. And this home experiment that we propose today will not be less! We called it (drum roll) The Milky Way and the other colored galaxies!

This activity can be carried out by children of a wide range of ages: both Early Childhood Education and Primary, that is, from 3 to 12 years old. This game, with a very attractive and visual component, will surprise you and arouse your curiosity. It will blow your mind!


  • Deep plate, tupper or tray
  • Milk
  • Food coloring
  • Liquid grease remover soap
  • Ear buds

By following these simple five steps we can carry out our activity. Let's go there!

1. We pour milk in the largest container and a little liquid soap over a smaller one. Depending on the type of milk we use, the effect will be different. We can even do it with different types of milk and thus compare the result.

2. We add drops of coloring of different colors all over the milk surface without falling on top of each other.

3. We wet the swab from the ears in liquid soap.

4. We bring the swab to the milk through the central area, we wait for some drops to fall of soap or we bring it closer to her and magic!

5. We enjoy the mixing and movement of colors! At any time we can continue adding as much soap as we want.

With this simple experiment we get break surface tension. What is surface tension? It is a property of water that causes molecules on the surface to join together to form a 'skin' that helps certain objects to float on it.

Milk contains fat achieves that the colorants do not dissolve and remain concentrated.

The effect occurs when the soap comes into contact with the milk, thus breaking the surface tension and rapidly separating the colors and dissolving them. Soap is on the one hand a repellent of fats and on the other hand it dissolves in water, since the colorants usually contain animal fats, it repels them again and again.

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Experiments are a wonderful resource for boys and girls to learn by playing, be surprised, discover, be curious, think, use reasoning, keep investigating, serve as a basis for future chemical knowledge ... They are super!

But, in addition, this experiment has many benefits for children. Depending on their age, the little ones can benefit from different advantages:

- For children from 3 to 6 years
Younger children, from 3 to 6 years old, thanks to this experiment will be developing fine motor skills when pouring drops of food coloring arbitrarily, learning about the mixtures that can be formed with colors and fostering their imagination in the moment of moving the colors giving rise to drawings and shapes that can remind them of objects or animals (like the game of the clouds in the sky).

- For children from 6 to 12 years old
On the other hand, for boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old, aspects such as aesthetics prevail, since they place the swab with soap in very specific and strategic points. They know in advance the effect that is achieved and are looking to make a specific shape or drawing. In addition, it will awaken in them the curiosity to know and know how it is produced and why this effect is obtained, which will lead them to continue investigating and show interest in science, chemistry, etc. that in the future they will have present in their lives.

I encourage you to share with your children fun moments as a family, with which the little ones learn and feel loved, respected and valued by the people around them, so you will also be promoting their self-esteem and they will always remember those experiences. Let's learn and play as a family!

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