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18 sweet names for girls from Chile and their most common diminutives

18 sweet names for girls from Chile and their most common diminutives

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If there is something characteristic that Latin America offers us, it is a rich variety of attractive names that serve as inspiration for future babies around the world, not only for their origin and meaning, but for their interesting adaptations or for the sound they produce, which is exquisite. and irresistible. Don't miss this list of names for girls popular in Chile.

All these nicknames, we have accompanied them by the most common diminutives, those so sweet that you end up using to call your baby. Don't miss them!

We started this compilation of typical names in Chile, with some names for girls that are widely spread throughout the country. We accompany them all by their most beautiful diminutive.

1. Isidora: (Isis / Dora / Dori)
It is one of the most popular names for girls used in Chile of all time thanks to its ethereal and beautiful character. The origin of this name is Greek and its meaning is 'The one who receives the gifts of Isis' referring to the Egyptian goddess of the Moon, Isis. Among the diminutives, one as classic as Dori.

2. Antonia: (Anto / Tonia / Toni / Toñi / Toña)
Its origin is Latin and means 'Beautiful like a flower'. A curious fact about this name is its history, which is derived from Santa Antonia de Florencia who, when she was a very young widow, dedicated her life to the education of her son to later be named abbess of the monastery of Folingo to which she entered.

3. Emilia: (Emi / Emili / Lia)
One of the most beautiful names phonetically, as it sounds sweet and at the same time interesting. It has two origins, one coming from the Latin 'Aemillius' whose meaning is 'The one who strives in her work'. Its second origin is Greek and its meaning is 'Friendly'.

4. Renata: (Reni / Ren / Renatica / Ata)
This name is of Latin origin and means 'She who has been reborn' and has been considered in Latin America, over the years, as one of the most beautiful names for girls. In addition, it has a lot of cute diminutives for your baby.

5. Florence or Florence: (Flo / Flor / Floren)
A very original and beautiful name for girls in Chile, which is why it is also one of the most popular in the region. Its origin is Latin and comes from 'Florens' which means 'The one that blooms' or 'Born in flower', so it is one of the sweetest names you can choose.

A very prominent characteristic of Chilean female names are those that are male-inspired. If you're leaning more towards this option, then don't miss out on these hottest male inspired names for girls.

6. Fernanda: (Fer / Ferny / Nanda)
One of the most popular names not only in Chile but throughout Latin America. Its origin is Germanic and it is Fernando's feminine, so its meaning is 'She who fights for peace'.

7. Roberta: (Berta / Robie)
One of the strongest female names phonetically speaking, but keeping that special feminine touch. Its origin is Germanic, derived from the masculine 'Hrode-berth' which means 'The glorious and famous one'.

8. Bruna: (Bru / Bruni)
This beautiful and powerful name for girls has two origins according to historians. A German one, coming from the masculine Bruno which means 'She who is brunette'. But there are also others who affirm its origin from the Latin 'Pruna' whose meaning is 'Burning coal'.

9. Rafaela: (Rafa / Rafi / Ela)
Its origin is Hebrew and is a variant of the masculine name Rafael, so it means 'The gift of God'. This name is one of the most popular used for girls in Chile, which are of masculine inspiration.

10. Vicenta: (Chenta / Enta / Vicen)
It is another of the most popular female names in Chile. It is of Latin origin and is the feminine form of Vicente, it comes from 'vincens-vincentis' and means 'He who has been victorious'.

Another more traditional source of inspiration from Chile comes from the Mapuche culture, where names for girls have a more than special meaning.

11. Millaray
Means 'Golden Flower' or 'Fragrant Flower' is one of the most beautiful names in the Mapuche culture.

12. Ailin
It is one of the most popular Mapuche names and means 'Transparent'.

13. Sayen
It means 'Woman with a big heart' and represents those noble and kind women.

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14. Aimará
This beautiful Mapuche name is a reference to the Andean population of Chile.

15. Mailen
One of the most representative names of this culture, it means 'Princess' or 'Powerful woman'.

16. Ayelén
This is a name of Araucanian origin and means 'Joy'. It has two other variants: Aylen and Ayilen.

17. Inara
This was the name of an ancient goddess who was a protector of water, from indigenous mythology.

18. Suyai
It means 'Hope' and is of Mapudungun origin.

Which of all these names for girls so beautiful and used in Chile is your favorite?

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